Evolve Lollipops


Hair trends have been focusing on shreds of fantasy colors streaming through the hair and splashes of bold bright color showcased on light blonds.  Lollipop’s are (9) different shades of fantasy colors in 1.5 inch Extensions.  It is something that everyone can wear, instantly.  Lollipop’s take less than five minutes to  install and can be cut to blend in with any length of hair.  They can be professionally removed and reinstalled at any time, over and over.  Unlike hair color, there is no damage, fading or bleeding of color.  The Lollipops wil fulfill your fashion “wants”.  They can be worn with the Volumizer, with Extensions, or even in your own hair.
*    No damage
*    No chemicals
*    No glues or adhesives
*    No heat required
*    Installed in less than five minutes
*    No prep work or adhesive removal when reinstalling

The LOLLIPOP colors can be worn as a single color or can mix all or just some of the colors available!!   They come in the following colors:
*    Grimme Merlot (Burgundy)
*    Hotter in Pink (Hot Pink)
*    Purple Rain (Purple)
*    Stroke of Luck (Green)
*    Ice Queen (White)
*    Bubble Gum Pink (Pink)
*    Singin’ the Blues (Dark Blue)
*    Shy Violet (Violet)
*    Waitress Red  (Red)