Hair Extensions For Women

Hair Extensions For Women

Everyone knows that “Extensions” are great for volume and length… but it can also be a fantastic way to hide thinning hair and breakage! Or what about using them to experiment with color with absolutely no damage. How about to achieve those hair- goals you have been dreaming about for your wedding day or prom night?? The long hair you have been dreaming of and working towards can easily be achieved in one appointment with our hair loss specialist!


GO FROM THIN TO THICK: If you’ve been looking for that extra “oomph” to your hair, look no further. Hair extensions help you achieve that extra volume you’ve always dreamed of – all it takes is a few wefts.

CHANGE UP YOUR LOOK: Fact: Hair extensions instantly make any hair style more beautiful and interesting.

Our approach to adding extensions is both careful and educational. From all the extension product lines on the market (which are incredible these days), Donna has chosen just two, based on their performance, ability, comfort, and lightness – Hair Dreams and Evolve. We also carry Halo Hair Peaces.


When applied well and maintained with care, extensions can be a great way to hide your hair loss and achieve a great look. Thanks to our gentle, natural-looking attachment options and incredibly diverse color, texture, curl, and style options, no one will ever suspect that you’ve had any problems with your great looking hair.

We go to great lengths for you to enjoy fuller hair and create intricate hairstyles!

Salon Studios 16 offers the following Hair Thickening and Hair Replacement Systems for Women: