Hair Thickening And Hair Replacement for Women

Hair Thickening And Hair Replacement for Women

Imagine how you will feel when you have your hair back!!! Now there are real solutions for any woman experiencing thinning hair and female hair loss.

Men aren’t the only ones suffering from hair loss, there is an increasing number of women with the same problem. Have you noticed that some of the consequences of hair loss such as: (1) styling products just don’t serve to cover up the problems anymore; or (2) serums and similar products aren’t quite accomplishing the desired effect; or (3) your hair breaks off, or the lengths and ends keep getting thinner and duller; and finally, (4) your scalp keeps getting more and more visible, especially in the crown area.

Women who are undergoing some form of hair loss can be feeling very sensitive and uncomfortable to this experience. Every woman’s experience is unique, and so are the solutions. During our initial consultation, we listen carefully to what your thoughts and feelings are so we can offer you the best options of our hair loss solutions that are available to you. Fortunately, new and better technologies are being introduced into this market every day!!! We are very committed to constantly being informed of these innovative systems and regularly attending continuing education courses… this is very important to you because the more we techniques we have, the more options we have available to our clients!

When you come in for your initial consultation, we listen very carefully to your feel- ings and what looks you have envisioned for yourself. We also ask that you bring in some pictures of what you would like to have for yourself. This is very important so that we can suggest the options that will best meet your desired visions of your beautiful self.

Salon Studios 16 offers the following Hair Thickening and Hair Replacement Systems for Women: