Men’s Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Men’s Non-surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Discovering the right men’s hair replacement solution could be one of the most important decisions of your life. At Salon Studios 16 , we specifically design men’s hair loss replacement solutions to meet your distinct and unique needs. By creating 100% customized non-surgical hair replacements which are permanent hair grafts for men suffering from hair loss, we offer a significant overall increase in hair density, as well as a completely natural look and feel of actual growing hair in whatever hair style and color you desire.


Our Custom Hair Replacement Systems is an excellent hair restoration option for men with moderate to advanced hair loss… who have receding hairlines and balding spots. Our systems are a non-surgical process that blends new hair fibers with your existing hair using a medical-grade adhesive. This creates a significant overall in- crease in hair density.

Your hair replacement system is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch be- cause your hair graft is made from the best human hair available. Whether you are a young adult, middle-aged, or a senior executive, there is a Hair Replacement solution for your specific type of hair loss.

If you choose the Custom Hair Replacement System, you will need to return every five to six weeks or so for maintenance. Made from 100% authentic human hair, they are feather light, cool, breathable and look totally natural even to the most proving eye or touch.


The end result is that your individually customized custom hair replacement system restores your natural appearance as though the hair is growing naturally out of your scalp, with a totally natural looking hairline, and a completely natural feel to the touch. Of course, your Hair Replacement System can be styled and colored to your favorite look and style!


Salon Studios 16 offers a complimentary, private hair loss consultation to help you determine which hair replacement option is best for your individual situation. Just CLICK HERE to schedule your confidential consultation today. After all, SEEING IS BELIEVING!

Salon Studios 16 offers the following Hair Thickening and Hair Replacement Systems for Men: