Hair Toppers For Men

Hair Toppers For Men

If you don’t suffer from severe hair loss, you have the option of purchasing a hair topper. This will cover the areas where your hair is thinner and create a complete look . A hair topper can blend nicely with your natural strands and look very seamless.

Here at Salon Studio 16, LLC, choosing a ready-to-wear hairpiece doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the look, feel, or quality of your hair. In fact, every ready-to- wear men’s hair system is created according to the same high-quality design and manufacturing standards used on our custom hair systems. If you see a ready-to- wear style that’s nearly, but not quite, perfect for you, we will cut, style, and blend your hairpiece to fit your preferences.

Men’s hair toppers are an excellent solution for men with hair thinning or hair loss on their heads’ crown & top. Our men’s hair toppers hide baldness & help restore confidence.

Toppers are excellent choice for long-wear and, once fitted, can last up to six to eight weeks before they need to be refitted.

Hair toppers blend with your own hair and look very natural because your own hair is on show too. Therefore, it is important to get a hair topper that matches your natural hair color or your personal haircolor as well as matching your highlights, grays, etc.

With the excellent quality hairpieces and hair toppers made for men today, it is also possible to dance or exercise the way you like, If you feel insecure, you also have the extra products and mate- rials available that will help secure your hair toppers for men properly without allowing them to dislodge.



For extensive and permanent hair loss
High definition front hairline
Many different densities available
6 inch hair length or shorter
Either from stock or order individual specifications
Semi-permanent attachment
Unlimited sizes
1 week turnaround time

Salon Studios 16 offers a complimentary, private hair loss consultation to help you determine which hair replacement option is best for your individual situation. Just CLICK HERE to schedule your confidential consultation today.

Salon Studios 16 offers the following Hair Thickening and Hair Replacement Systems for Men: