Hair Thickening And Hair Replacement for Men

Hair Thickening And Hair Replacement for Men

Say Goodbye to Hair Loss Anxiety!

Men’s hair loss can present itself in many ways and varies greatly from person to person… (1) thinning hair; (2) a receding hairline; (3) bald spots and (4) excessive shedding. These are all effects of hair loss.

Men’s hair loss is not just the loss of hair, but for many it is the loss of confidence. Men faced with hair loss may accept it as inevitable; you may assume that thinning hair is simply your lot in life. However, you can achieve a great, natural-looking head of hair that can be styled the way you desire. It can enhance your self-esteem, reduce your insecurities and improve your eagerness to attend social events.

Salon Studios 16 offers 4 proven solution categories which will be tailored to your specific hair loss needs. Our solutions are designed to work for all hair types and any stage of hair loss.

Every man’s hair loss experience is unique, and so are the solutions. During our initial consultation, we listen carefully to what your thoughts are so we can offer you the best options of our hair loss solutions that are available to you. Fortunately, new and better technologies are being introduced into this market every day!!! We are very committed to constantly being informed of these innovative systems and regularly attending continuing education courses… this is very important to you because the more techniques we have, the more options we have available to our clients!

When you come in for your initial consultation, we will ask you some questions and have you look at our products and together we will determine which options will work for you.

Salon Studios 16 offers the following Hair Thickening and Hair Replacement Systems for Men: