Men’s Services

980 Salon Studios experts specialize in men’s grooming treatments that prioritize your comfort above all else. Each item listed on our Men’s Services menu is specifically designed to help you look sharp and feel confident before an important interview or to help you prep for that long-awaited vacation. Our high-quality, professional grooming treatments have the power to produce the best version of you.

Men's Waxing Services 
Hair is removed from the collarbone down to the hip bones.
Hair is waxed from the base of the neck to the small of your back, including the shoulders.
Hair is removed from the outer lobe to the opening of the ear canal.
Removes hair from the base of the nose to just inside the rim.
Hair is removed from shaft, top, all sides, and inner backside. Does not
include the buttocks.
Hair is removed from the cheeks to the inner part of backside.